WELCOME to the family tribute to our sister Julie Jensen (Griffin) who was brutally murdered by her husband, poisoned with antifreeze at age forty. Julie was the mother of two small children and was a selfless tender loving person who grew suspicious of her plotting husband. From the year of her death in 1998, it took nearly ten years to finally convict her husband guilty of the heinous crime. He was sentenced to life in prison with no parole in Wisconsin 2008. Julie’s brothers have recorded a CD entitled “Voices From Beyond” which are musical pieces inspired by a small slice of Julie’s life: childhood, personality, siblings, being a mother, her difficult marriage, her letter from the grave, and her living by the lake. Hopefully these small musical notes can help memorialize Julie so others can share in her sincere warm personality and her tragic story can possibly help save other women from abuse or even death.

Please join us in honoring our memories of Julie and in our cause to protect the innocent.

If you knew Julie and want to share some parting thoughts and wishes, please do so. If you did not know her but want to share your support, your comments are welcome.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Words can’t begin to express how much admiration I feel for you all– the brothers of Julie! Your beautiful, loving website was come across last night and today I had a chance to look it over in greater depth!

    Believe it or not– I’m related to you all. Your Dad and Mom were my Uncle Ray and Aunt June that I lost contact with after my parents were divorced in 1953 and my Dad had custody. My Mom was Marguerite Griffin, older sister of Ray. As an only child being raised in Chicago, I so greatly enjoyed spending a week or two every summer on the Griffin farm near the hamlet of Salem. My association with Uncle Ray and Aunt June was during the period when they were courting and first married. They were extremely patient with what must have been a pesky kid! Uncle Ray is clearly remembered as having a gentle, sensitive spirit. I found it so exciting to see great photos of them and read their biographies! It sounds as if they provided their kids with a creative and caring home. I’m certain that they and all others that respect God-created life would appreciate the gallant way in which you have honored and sought justice in the name of your sister Julie.

    Blessings on you and your families,
    Fay Glynn Michaelis

  2. I’ve followed this case from 2008 when Mark Jensen was convicted. I’m so saddened to think that he has recently won an appeal of his conviction. Even without the letter, I’d wager that he could be convicted again as he should be! Julie sounded like a loving mom and a devoted sister. She of all people didnt deserve such a gruesome death at her husband’s hands! Are prosecutors going to recharge him or appeal the decision.? To Julie’s brothers, I salute u for your devotion to Julie’s memory.

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